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From Portugal With Love

My neighbour Beth writes a fabulous blog about Cascais, and she has given me permission to share it with you. Below you will find a sneak peak to one of her posts, make sure to go to for more highly appreciated content!

“Monte Estoril originated at the beginning of the 20th century as a result of the railways that connected the city of Lisbon to the village of Cascais. In 1910, when the Portuguese Republic was established, Monte Estoril was already a place of choice for the aristocracy due to its privileged location and beautiful landscapes. During the Second World War it became a refuge for political exiles and a preferred location for many members of European royalty. Its architecture reflects this history.

What I find fascinating and fun is seeing the vast spectrum of architecture in such a small place. The diversity is what makes it stimulating. Some buildings haven’t been kept up as well as they should have been, some have been restored to their former glory, some are in the process of being brought back. Some buildings are new and very contemporary, some used to be considered contemporary but still need a few decades to be truly appreciated…if ever. They are all jumbled together in a willy-nilly fashion that makes taking a walk so enjoyable. Come take a stroll with me through my neighborhood.”

Go and check out this fabulous blog from Beth: