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I know I do!

Pedro and I met in 2019 when I hired him to renovate my new apartment. I didn’t realize how lucky I was then but today I do. His work is beautiful. He is honest, professional, engaged, interested and clever. His team reflects his work ethic and they show up ‘on time’ and don’t sit down until they are finished for the day. Pedro has a tendency of under promising and over delivering. If we decide on a second showing for a property, you can be guaranteed that you will meet him. I would never proceed with a purchase until I have his approval. I can proudly say that all of my clients that have used his services are grateful that they did!

Pedro always comes up with the best, most cost effective solution to any issue.

He doesn’t cut corners. He uses the best product for the best result. I am happy to show off some of his latest jobs and his clients are happy to give referals.