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Cascais Education System

Choosing a school for your kids as an expat can be challenging. Do not worry, we have put together some basic information and links to some of the best schools inside and around the Cascais area.

There are a lot of great options to choose from when selecting a school for your kid(s). It all comes down to your preferred area, education system, community, and strategy. Some of the schools include Portuguese language classes in their curriculum but not all of them.

The Portuguese public schools Colégio Luso-Suíço and APISAL offer Portuguese for foreigners, making it easy for the little ones to both pick up the language in class, and even more so on the playground. According to a fellow expat mom who has her kids enrolled into APISAL, the school is very international, and the tuition is based on how much you earn. Colégio Luso-Suíço also has plenty of international kids and is good at integrating and looking after them.

If you’d rather go for an international school, however, we have compiled a list of links to the five most recommended ones. We would of course urge you to do some research, contact the schools and trust your gut. So just click any of the school names to the right of this text and it will take you to the school website. 

Good luck!

Public Portuguese Schools:

International Schools: