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oldest country in europe

Did you know that Portugal is the oldest country in Europe? It is said to be about four centuries older than Rome. Portugal appointed King Afonso Henriques as “Rei” in 1139. Because of the country’s perfect location (westernmost point of Europe) the Phoenicians established themselves in Portugal around 1200 BC.


Renewable energy

Portugal is investing big money into renewable energy. In 2016 they managed to run the whole country entirely on renewable energy, for 5 whole days. The renewable energy was powered by sun, water and wind.



Cascais, a municipality about 20 minutes from Lisbon, consists of a great diversity of beaches and a magnificent natural heritage.

The Butterfly Garden, located in the city park Quinta de Rana, is a space for the creation of butterflies, where it is possible to observe the different phases of its life cycle: eggs, larvae, pupae and butterflies.

The structure of the butterfly house is unique and visually refers to the image of a cocoon undergoing metamorphosis. Inside there is a garden with species of local flora, where it is possible to observe butterflies flying freely. The space also includes a laboratory that is accessible through guided visits, whose function is the creation of eggs, larvae and pupae.

The municipality of Cascais includes, in the equipment it owns in its heritage, two large spaces, where it produces, handles and maintains most of the plant material it plants in its green spaces.

Located on privileged land with the exposure of the sun and protection from winds, both spaces are generous in size and allow the municipality to prepare, from the harvest of seeds or cuttings, trees, palms, shrubs and herbs, which it then applies for construction or maintenance of the county’s gardens and parks.

Whether in the Vale Cavalos, on the southern slope of the Serra de Sintra or in the Ribeira dos Mochos, in the heart of Cascais, 14 workers from DGEV – Division of Green Structure Management, are responsible for the management of municipal nurseries. Maturation and growth, watering and transporting thousands of plants. With areas of 24’500 and 12’400 m2 respectively, these two spaces intended for plant production have their own water resources and use them with due care and accuracy, since it is a valuable and increasingly scarce asset.

Atelier de Burros – activity to discover the woolly donkeys of Quinta do Pisão, an endangered species, where students can prepare, brush and feed the animal and even go to the arena.

Donkey Ride with Guide – knowledge activity on Quinta do Pisão through a donkey ride with the guide.



The selection of beaches in Cascais are endless. The preservation of the natural values ​​of the beaches and the quality (monitoring) makes you feel comfortable, safe and relaxed.

Guincho beach is located between two rocky points, with a large stretch of sand, both in length and width. With crystal clear water, Guincho beach is considered one of the largest beaches in the country, with a high amount of holiday-visitors. It is also a popular spot for practitioners of Surf, Windsurf and Kitesurf.

Praia do Tamariz is located in Estoril, and is considered to be the top class beach on the Estoril coast, and is located in front of Casino Estoril Gardens. This beach has good access as it is next to the train and bus station and the Estrada Marginal. Praia do Tamariz offers excellent conditions. This beach also has an Oceanic Pool with free access.

It is the first beach in the municipality that we find when we move in the direction of Lisbon-Cascais, which is nestled between the fort São Julião da Barra and the tip of Rana. It is equipped with an amphibious chair for people with disabilities and has a medical / first aid station. In recent years, this beach has been classified as an accessible beach for people with disabilities. There is a pedestrian street surrounding the beach, where you will find several restaurants, bars and terraces. It has good access and parking facilities.

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