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Founder & Agent

"Wiley is a force of nature, her extensive energy rubs off on you and she has a way to always make you feel comfortable" - Josefin Rocen

American-born Wiley came to Portugal after living in Sweden for twenty-seven years.
She was recruited by her private clients from the Golden Door Spa in California to work with them in Stockholm. She quickly realized that she was the first Personal Trainer in Sweden. After the birth of her second child, she decided to move “back home” to see if she wanted her family to live there permanently. The stay only lasted five years, but during that time she pursued her love of homes. She received her real estate license and worked for Hilton & Hyland Realty in Beverly Hills CA. Her heart led her back to Sweden, where she accomplished her dream of owning and operating her own training facility (S.A.L.T. Studio in Saltsjöbaden).

Upon retirement, she moved to Monte Estoril. Today we are grateful to have her as a valued member of our staff. She has much to offer. Her international background and experience makes her a favorite among ex-pats in Cascais seeking their new home. In her spare time, she continues to listen to her inner athlete and is currently training for the upcoming Ironman competition.

Tara-W&P (1)

Tara works as a real estate agent for Wiley and Partners. She is responsible for the Lisbon area and a wonderful addition to the W&P family.

Tara Purcell is British and has been living and working in Lisbon since 2011. With a background in corporate event management spanning 20 years across Spain and Portugal, Tara joined Wiley & Partners in 2021 where she thrives on meeting people from around the world and sharing her local knowledge and experience of setting up home Portugal. She speaks Spanish and Portuguese, as well as English.



Also known as a listing agent, a seller’s agent is hired by and represents the seller. All fiduciary duties are owed to the seller. The agency relationship is usually evidenced by a listing contract. Once a property is listed, the seller’s agent either can attempt to sell it or, in addition, may be permitted by the seller to cooperate with another licensee who will attempt to find a suitable buyer for the property, A seller’s agent negotiates the best possible price and terms for the seller.


The agent represents the seller’s best interest during the transaction. Ask us about our agency’s vision for exclusivity. You will find that we have another approach in this regard. We will hire (at the seller’s expense) gardeners to keep the property fresh, cleaners to maintain the same freshness standards indoors, fresh flowers for public visits and marketing brochures … just to name a few!



Buyer agents work to negotiate the best terms and price for the buyer. Best of all, the buyer agent’s services are free to the buyer. Most people think they have to pay a sales commission. The truth is this: only the seller pays commission. Whether a buyer uses an agent or not, the seller still pays the commission. The only person that wins when buyers are not represented is the listing agent.
Additionally we provide you with:
-Introduction to Lawyers & Bankers we trust
-Suggestions for Inspection companies (we highly recommend – almost demand that you hire one)
-Time with Wiley driving through neighborhoods and more (points of interest, shops, restaraunts ..) to really introduce you to the neighborhoods of your liking


Most buyer agents will have their clients sign an agency agreement, an Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement. It outlines their services, how they are compensated, and how the two parties will work together. While we plan to incorporate this agreement in the future, we have not done so yet.
Remember, you wouldn’t hire your spouse’s attorney to represent you in your divorce. The same goes for real estate. Why use the seller’s agent to negotiate in your best interest? There is an inherent conflict of interest.
The home buying process is stressful enough without worrying about who you can and cannot trust. Your buyer’s agent is your trusted advocate and here in Portugal, we also recommend hiring a lawyer specializing in Real Estate Contracts. We have some recommendations for you.